STSI mission in partnering with various organizations is to ensure that both STSI and the partner organizations derive the maximum benefits of our relationship, in terms of growth of services and products.

Business Value for Our Clients

  • Reduced risks and costs associated with the technology procurement process and technology ownership
  • Competitive advantage by leveraging STSI industry, product and service expertise and the partner’s technology products and services
  • Reduced IT costs with cost-effective solutions at scale
  • Reduced risks through end-to-end solutions
  • Ability to leverage training resources to help you plan and build solutions using Partner products
  • Clients can leverage STSI expertise to customize and integrate partner tools with third party tools available for an increased ROI.

STSI – Alliance Partner Advantage

  • Partner organizations and STSI work together to create new offerings
  • Privileged access to architectural expertise, sizing and configuration assistance
  • Key benefits and resources for building and selling solutions supporting Partner systems
  • Joint go-to-market initiatives

STSI – Technology Partners & Certifications

  • Clover ETL
  • Microsoft Partner
  • AWS Partner
  • CMMI Level 3 Development and Services

STSI -Federal & State Certification

  • Hub Zone

Strategic Partners


CloverETL Data Integration

CloverETL is a platform for agile data integration and embedded use in software applications.

At a Glance

  • Data integration for desktop and enterprise
  • Workflow automation through jobflows
  • Integrated debugging and validation
  • Extensible with custom functions and components, APIs
  • Pure Java, Eclipse™ and J2EE platform