Data Protection Solutions

Softthink Data Protection Solutions are designed to help you keep your most important critical data assets in the hands of only those authorized to use them.

Our Data Protection solutions help secure this data through the development of a Critical Asset Protection Program, or CAPP, that looks at the content, community and channels this information is allowed to be in. Softthink Solutions’s CAPP methodology has been developed over the past 15 years to provide a higher quality, business-centric security program that delivers true ROI.

The Program Design Process

The first step in developing a data protection program is working with your organization’s leaders to define which assets are the most critical to the success and health of your enterprise. Assets are identified by their revenue, reputation and core operational impact. The business intelligence gained from this research is turned into a strategy that defines what types of information will be protected, the scope of that protection in terms of threat vectors, and the establishment of a road map for the program.

Additionally, organizations are increasingly utilizing cloud-based applications such as Office 365, SharePoint, Dropbox and others as a standard part of their business. Our consultants work with you to understand your relationship with the cloud, which applications are being utilized and by whom. They are able to recommend technologies and policies to address your specific cloud needs, including blocking, quarantining encrypting and DLP, CASBs and gateways.

Once the overall strategy has been established, we define how each stage of the program will be implemented, managed and the responsibility of specific actions consisting of the following:

» Application Management
» Policy Governance
» Event Triage and Incident Management
» Reporting and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Once the program has been designed and approved, we are able to architect, procure and install the necessary product components and integrate them with any existing solutions you may already have in place.

Program Reporting

Throughout the program development stages, our team works with you to define proper metrics and KPIs. We deliver reports tailored for different levels within an organization, from manager to executive, that provide key stakeholders and the governance group the information they need to understand the health and progress of their program.

Data Protection Technologies

Data Protection Solutions may include a combination of any of the following technologies as well as Professional and Managed Security Services to implement a cohesive security program that helps ensure your organization’s data remains only in the hands of the employees, customers and partners that need access.

» Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
» Identity and Access Management
» Encryption
» User Behavior Analytics (UEBA)
» Email and Web Gateways
» Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASB)

Softthink Solutions Professional Services

Agnostic Vendor Evaluation

Investing in technologies associated with the protection of your most critical data assets is not a decision that is to be taken lightly. SOFTTHINK provides services to help you evaluate various technologies based on your unique business cases and provide recommendations based on the capabilities each technology provides.

Proof of Concepts (POC)

Proof of Concepts provide you the opportunity to validate solutions against specific business use cases. The myriad of variables contained with the POC are analyzed to reduce unforeseen post implementation complications.

Architecture and Design

Softthink Solutions engineers have extensive field experience and knowledge of IT systems to effectively architect a design for your security solution that maps seamlessly to your infrastructure.

Implementation and Integration

For any security technology to effectively detect potential data leaks and breaches, the implementation process has to be far more strategic than clicking “install” and following the prompts. Softthink Solutions’s Technical Services engineers integrate technology solutions seamlessly into your infrastructure and, at the same time, ensure optimal protection for your most critical assets.

Program Design and Optimization

Softthink Solutions’s security consultants hold the top certifications in the industry and are able to help organizations develop, implement, maintain, and manage security programs.