Softthink Solutions Inc(STSI) Data Modelling service provides organizations with customized, business-specific solutions and creates effective data models that meet their current and evolving needs. Our experts employ both tool-based and manual methodologies to customize existing models for enhanced business performance.

We offer the following modelling services:

  • E-R modeling: Reliable modeling services for different databases (e.g., Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase) that shape the legacy systems of organizations
  • Dimensional modeling: Robust off-the-shelf schema designing
  • Business modeling: Modeling and re-modeling services that use sharp BI tools and KPI-driven dashboards for better business understanding and employ open bus architecture to support future business needs


Key Benefits

  • Smarter representation of subject areas, measures, and facts
  • Greater control over modeling, maintaining, and tracking historical and current trade information
  • Enhanced business agility with data models that can accommodate changes in business