Identity and Access Management

Identity and Access Management (IAM) Overview

Enterprises today, need immediate, easy and secure access to information anytime, anywhere; but with effective measures of control over access and protection from threats. They also have the mandate to abide by several governments and industry specific regulations. With path-breaking advancements in technology such as M2M communication, BYOD, Internet of Things – on one side productivity has grown manifold, on the other, it has exposed organizations to innumerable threats and vulnerabilities both external and internal. Moreover, during a regulatory audit, often organizations opt for manual or semi-automated methods that are prone to errors and could run the risk of a failed audit.

In the face of this constant IT landscape transformation, Identity and Access Management services have become an important part of IT planning and strategy. Businesses need to protect their valuable assets and as threats continue to evolve, Identity and Access Management services also need to be in place to prevent such malicious attacks. With the right Access Management services, IT can authorize access and grant the necessary privileges to both internal and external stakeholders. With Happiest Minds, these obstacles are overcome with an up-to-date platform comprising of effective and reliable Identity and Access Management services.


» Reliance on manual processes for IAM is costly, inefficient with inconsistent and unpredictable outcomes
» Ineffective processes, lack of collaboration, unreliable user data exposes to compliance and operational risks
» Lack of flexible and continuous validation of user access and remediation
» Experienced resources to support your business systems
» Extended enterprises with SaaS adoption requires that users have right access to information anytime from

Softthink Solutions provides a ready to use, integrated, secure, end-to-end IAG offering including Identity Management, Access Management, Entitlement Management, Federation and SSO; built on leading Identity and Access Governance products using industry standards & best practices with configurable modules. Softthink Solutions solution accelerators along with an experienced team that has implemented several large IAM projects, enable customers to rollout IAM solutions with optimized time and cost.

Access Management: Advisory, implementation and support services on web Single-Sign-On, ESSO, Federation, Risk-based authentication, Multi-factor authentication and Entitlement management.
Identity Governance: Identity Life Cycle Management, Privileged Password Management, Access Governance.
Privileged Identity Management: The risk of super user password handling and shared accounts with the implementation of Privileged Identity management.

Identity and Access Management (IAM) life cycle phases

The management of identity and access permissions can be viewed as multiple stages.

The IAM life cycle diagram illustrates the stages that users proceed through when joining a business workforce and obtaining access to the tools and assets necessary to do their job. The IAM life cycle also includes stages to ensure that employees maintain appropriate access as they move within the organization with access being revoked or changed when they separate or change roles.

Identity and Access Management