Softthink Solutions Business-Centric Managed Security Services

Conventional Managed Security Services Are No Longer Sufficient

Unlike any other managed security service provider (MSSP), Softthink focuses on protecting your most critical data assets — those assets that if breached or otherwise exposed would cause significant embarrassment or negative impact on your organization’s bottom line. Why? Because perimeter-only security programs continue to be proven to be ineffective against today’s persistent threats.

We help you establish a continuously monitored security intelligence program that protects those critical assets from malicious and accidental breaches whether from external or internal sources. The result is a highly focused, customized and more effective cybersecurity strategy. This ensures your critical assets stay where they are supposed to be and are only seen by those authorized to have access; even if a breach occurs, or a malicious or negligent insider tries to take away your valuable intellectual property.

Conventional/Legacy Managed Security Services Softthink Business Centric Managed Security Services
Static & reactive

Static, reactive approach to monitoring security posture, often locked into legacy systems

Proactive & dynamic

Proactive, dynamic systems and culture bringing together proven methodology, expertise, latest technologies and the human element in security

Blanket perimeter approach

Programs designed as a “blanket perimeter”

Focus on critical assets

Programs designed and focused around critical assets

One size fits all

Bucketed business model to minimize costs


Customized execution tailored to each client’s critical asset protection situation and needs

One dimensional

One dimensional perspective on threat defense typically focused on external threats


Multi-dimensional visibility protects against internal and external threats

Standard correlation

Collect bits and bytes from multiple point products

Single intelligent platform

Compound correlation from all security devices combined with behavioral analytics through single portal powered by Softthink Solutions’s management platform

Limited visibility

No/Limited visibility into how information moves through the organization

Guided by content & context

Guided by policies defining the content and context of critical asset usage and users

Limited access management

No/limited point product privileged access management and change control

Secure access Management

Proprietary privileged access management to track user access and assure change management integrity

Limited change capability & control

Only MSSP can make changes, and no way to fully prevent unauthorized changes

Customer control & Flexibiltiy

Validation process to prevent unauthorized changes, while clients retain true co-managment control and flexibility

Little or no Follow-up

Initial configuration with standard periodic updates, and only reactive configuration changes

Continuous improvement

Continuous improvement process for fine-tuning technologies

Formulaic response

Conventional, anonymous tiered support escalation layers

Engaged insight & foresight

Dedicated Security Operations Center members utilize insights and knowledge gained from knowing their client’s information eco-system and technology infrastructure