At Softthink, we are of the firm belief that every action must deliver the maximum benefit, in terms of growth of services and products to our clients. To achieve this, we have partnered with various organizations to build a bond that has resulted in strategic development and innovations.

Business Value for Our Clients

  • Reduced risks and costs associated with the technology procurement process and technology ownership
  • Competitive advantage by leveraging STSI industry, product and service expertise and the partner’s technology products and services
  • Reduced IT costs with cost-effective solutions while delivering solutions for clients
  • The ability to mitigate risks through end-to-end solutions
  • Uniquely positioned to leverage training resources to help you plan and build solutions using Partner products
  • Clients can take advantage of STSI expertise to customize and integrate partner tools with readily available third party tools to increase ROI.

STSI – Alliance Partner Advantage

  • Partner organizations and STSI work together to create new offerings
  • Privileged access to architectural expertise, sizing and configuration assistance
  • Key benefits and resources for building and selling solutions supporting Partner systems
  • Joint go-to-market initiatives

Technology partners

Federal & State Certifications

Quality Certifications

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