Not all data was created equally, and earning to manage the volume, velocity, and variety is very important. Data is one of the biggest assets that any company owns and the proper management of this resource is vital, with the ability to extract the maximum value form this. However, is your organization faced with the prospect trying to efficiently examine large and varied data sets, help uncover hidden patterns, unknown correlations, market trends, that can help your organization make more-informed business decisions.

Softthink is backed by years of experience to be able to help your business better aggregate, transform and automate your data, either structured and un-structured, helping you IT operations and teams become more efficient and data-driven. STSI is in a position to offer consultative solutions in Data Management and Data Integration and brings to bear expertise and out-of-box solutions and client success. Our solutions span across the whole suite of data life cycle management and in doing so, we have partnered with industry leading pioneers and solution providers in this space. Data Cleansing Services, Data Validation Services, Data Quality Services, Data Standardization Services, Data Profiling, Data Governance and Data Warehouse Services are some of the STSI suite of solutions. STSI can help bring data across all applications and platforms together, giving a unified version of organizational data, helping derive insights more efficiently. By helping integrate all your data, we can then help deploy data in multiple ways across various industry leading products. STSI can help profile your data and has expertise in metadata structures, table relations, business rules, etc. Our data quality services help executives make the right strategic decisions due to the accuracy of the output of the reporting tools via Data Marts and Data Warehouses. By helping you secure data with very high integrity, consistency and accuracy, we can help support all project phases from data health-check through the implementation services.


STSI can help improve the Data integration process by quickly analyzing and managing multi-source. We are also able to simplify the complexities and time constrains that come with ETL mode of handling data, preventing long and expensive waits while data is prepared. We can help create meaningful integration of all types of disparate data and file systems. We can bring a range of tools to clean up data and make it usable and perform analysis. We can help create a preview to validate analysis and show data lineage for auditing data flows. Further, we can help in the visualization of data beyond static dashboards and help develop infographics and reports that are easy to interpret.

Business Value

STSI Big Data solutions are aimed at reducing the time taken by traditional models of handling data and leveraging the experience that we bring to that includes:

  • We help increased customer conversion at a faster rate, and help increase returns at reduced time and cost
  • Decreased customer wait time for results and offer time to insight from analyzing the data quickly
  • The ability to predict security threats based on understanding the nature of your data, and helping prevent any potential fraud

Use Cases

Big Data Services


Big data can help you anticipate customer demand. By classifying key attributes of past and current products and then modeling the relationship between those attributes and the commercial success of the offerings, you can build predictive models for new products and services. Dig deeper by using the data and analytics from focus groups, social media, test markets, and early store roll outs to plan, produce, and launch new products.

Big Data Services

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