Experience the power of Blockchain in your world-wide or regional network and realize the astounding impact that can be achieved with your digital transactions.

In order to stay competitive, companies need to explore emerging technologies to find possible solutions for existing IT problems. While adopting new technologies, there is a risk that you can arrive at a technology decision without fully exploring alternative options. With security threats to data and the transmission of data, there is a need for transparency and efficiency in data transmission and authentication of high volumes of data.

Blockchain technology presents opportunities for innovation and enables business transactions to be conducted with less friction and more trust, and is a permissioned network with known identities. STSI can tap the potential of decentralised applications on a network and customize it to your specific needs. Our qualified engineers can educate and guide you in adopting this new technology, while our services offer privacy, confidentiality, performance and scalability while improving stakeholder value and experience.



At STSI, our team of blockchain professionals are ready to help you unlock this powerful technological innovation to improve the IT culture and processes while fostering innovation, improving your business operations. The STSI team comprises of certified professionals with pertinent technological skills and the experience gained from the completion of several successful projects. STSI blockchain technology solutions have resulted in tangible savings in IT and infrastructure cost and time taken to deliver projects, and the validation of our clients are testimony to this. STSI engineers are keen to take on any tough problem or solution need that you are seeking to accomplish and are readily available either onsite or offsite to fulfil this need.



Our comprehensive capabilities provide dependable solutions in key areas of Blockchain Technology which include:

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