We provide expertise to transform huge volumes of data into Actionable Insights with Predictive, Visual Dashboards, Risk, Financial & Text Analytics. 

STSI delivers comprehensive services pertaining to Business Intelligence and comlex analytics areas. We provide strategic services in the end-to-end establishment of Business Intelligence and Data Visualization/Analytic solutions involving vendor products, as well as custom architected solutions in the areas of Product Evaluation, Infrastructure Build, Operations, Solutions Architecture, Solution Development, Testing, Maintenance and Performance Management and Support.

We have an ever-expanding resource base delivering diversified skills varying from conventional tools/technologies to emerging next generation data, BI and in-memory analytic technologies, that effectively address specific and varying client requirements. We offer expert solutions to business or technology challenges, including, but not limited to, lack of a stable predictive intelligent system that should inform timely business decisions, the greater volume of data causing performance bottlenecks, or unproductive business processes and workflows that hinder organizational growth. We specialize in architect and building Business Intelligence systems and Data visualization applications that contribute to the minimization of time taken to leverage the data and arrive at business decisions or refined information that accelerate organizational growth.



Our team of business intelligence professionals collect and store both internal and external data in a usable format in accordance with enterprise standards.Upon completion of data collection, we can generate reports and perform analytics, allowing your Executive Team to make critical strategic decisions faster and more accurately than before.



Architecture is the foundation for a Business Intelligence and Data Delivery infrastructure. When this is conceptualized and designed with thought and accuracy, it meets the expectations of an enterprise information delivery system. Architecture also ensures that data can be accessed rapidly when needed and assuring that the data retains its integrity. The architecture must also ensure that accessing it doesn’t interfere with the performance of your transaction systems, and its delivery is tailored to specific user requirements. Architecture provides an infrastructure designed to enhance adaptability, flexibility, scalability, extensibility and productivity of the BI and Data Delivery infrastructure.

Business Value


Partnering with STSI allows organizations to enhance their Business Intelligence capabilities by:

  • Determining which current strengths and technologies can be built on, which areas to be prioritized, and which enhancements to the technology infrastructure are required.
  • Identifying improvements to the BI and Data Delivery organization structure, leadership, skills mix, performance, processes and practices, helping increase ROI.
  • Provides a road map for achieving new levels of capability with BI and Data Delivery.

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