Managing traditional IT systems, and the costs and restrictions associated with them, have long proved to be quite prohibitive and involve a large investment in time and expenditures for IT analysis. The highly competitive business environment demands that companies need to be constantly ready while ensuring continuity in service. A cost-effective transition of current IT systems and services to the cloud helps you maintain an edge.

Cloud computing solutions are scalable and flexible, helping you formulate the right business plan and perform analytics to measure progress. Certified cloud engineers aligned with industry leading partners offer application development, migration and management with agile methodologies. The Cloud enables security solutions, bridges compliance gaps and meets compliance and regulatory requirements.



Our team of cloud-certified professionals possess a wide array of industry and practical implementation experience. Furthermore, they are backed by the experience of several successful project executions for prestigious clients. The cloud services team at STSI has the business process skillset, technology expertise, discipline and commitment to help you design and implement the cloud solution that is engineered for your needs. STSI engineers can be made available either onsite or offsite and will be able to match your expectations with our commitment and delivery model which has been perfected over time.

Cloud Service Capabilities

Our comprehensive capabilities provide dependable solutions in key areas of Cloud Services which include:

Cloud Solution Assessment and Roadmap

Benefit from our suite of application-based services and customised solutions.

Cloud Strategy and Management

Leverage the high reliability of the cloud and optimize your business with our cloud strategy and management services which includes advanced analytics and robust planning.

Certified Cloud Professionals

Gain from the expertise of certified cloud professionals who can engineer solutions delivered with accuracy and efficiency.

Cloud Migration and Management

Adopt a new technology operating model by migrating your business operations seamlessly to the Cloud.

Strategic Industry Partnerships

Partnered with industry cloud leaders like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure to gain the most from the flexibility and scalability of the Cloud.

Cloud Security Services

Our robust and comprehensive approach to cloud security helps guard your valuable business assets with industry standard protection.

Cloud Application Development and Deployment

Build, test, deploy and manage highly-scalable applications and APIs with increased reliability and availability.

Cloud Technical Support Services

Give your organization continuous monitoring and service management with our application support, service desk and technical support services.

Cloud Partners

Our comprehensive capabilities provide dependable solutions in key areas of Cloud Services which include:


“Harness the power of the biggest and most widely adopted Cloud Service Provider”


“Improve business with the scale and capabilities of a technology innovator”

Microsoft Azure

“Build business blocks with confidence when Microsoft is on your team”

Use Cases

Cloud Services

One of the earliest commercial uses for the cloud was providing a place for a company to host its applications and services for the public. Rather than relying on physical distribution, a business can host projects in the cloud that can be accessed by users from anywhere. This is a simple use case that most businesses already use, but this software as a service (SaaS) use case is essential to consider for any company who offers software and services.

Cloud Services

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