As threats to the security of information technology continue to grow, adding to the already complex and evolving malicious theater that organizations have to contend with, the volume of IT security services, solutions and technology are growing as well. Softthink Solutions makes it a priority to be in the know of all these emerging threats and the technologies needed to stymie them. These threats potentially challenge the integrity of current security controls and risk enterprise data and intellectual property (IP). No investment in security can be considered too little, however it is prudent to be able to achieve the right security preparedness mix.

Backed by several successful security project implementations, Softthink is capable of providing robust security solutions on time and within budget. Softthink can help in reducing risk from both known and unknown attacks, conduct vulnerability assessment and penetration testing, and take steps to harden existing systems and the organizations network, and ensure all compliance and regulatory milestones are achieved. Services are designed to strengthen the organizations security posture and help define strategies, mitigate security risks, identify cyber threats and maximize cybersecurity ROI. Experienced engineers backed by several years of combined industry experience and practical implementation and knowledge ensure that every engagement with Softthink is result oriented. security project execution. From cloud-based to on-prem security solutions, Softthink engineers bring commitment and discipline in helping you design and apply the right security solution for your needs. STSI security engineers can be made available either onsite or offsite and will be able to match your expectations with our commitment and delivery model.



Our team of security professional come with a lot of industry experience and practical implementation and security project execution. STSI has the business process, technology expertise, discipline and commitment to help you design and implement the right security solution for your needs. STSI security engineers can be made available either onsite or offsite and will be able to match your expectations with our commitment and delivery model, perfected over time and with multiple successes to back our claims. We help in reducing risk from both known and unknown attacks, conduct vulnerability assessment and penetration testing, and take steps to harden existing systems and your network, and ensure all compliance and regulatory milestones are achieved.

Cyber Defense

Threat Detection

“Stay ahead of malicious actors and unknown and insider threats with early detection of incursions against the organization”

Penetration Testing

“Gain an insight into the potential security flaws attackers are looking at when they pry into your network. Test and validate your level of security preparedness”

Incident Response

“Invest in preparedness and equip the organization with a comprehensive toolkit of solutions to respond to security threats quickly and effectively”

Phishing Attacks

“Prevent attackers from targeting your organizations employees and sensitive data using social engineering methods through effective tools and appropriate training”

Active Defense & Threat Hunting

“Using the principles of defense in depth, a proactive approach to seek out threats that may be affecting the organization while constantly evolving and developing defensive capabilities on a real-time basis is one of many strengths of Softthink”

System Hardening

“Gain access to Softthinks collection of tools, techniques, and best practices to reduce vulnerability in technology applications, systems, infrastructure and firmware by hardening systems”

Threat Intelligence

“From continuous monitoring to installing and operationalizing SIEM solutions, Softthink engineers are equipped to parse and disseminate log data to predict, prepare and be vigilant against potential threats”

Continuous Monitoring

“Faced with a host of unrelenting, unknown cyber enemies, continuous monitoring of the network and related components ensures the health, performance and reliability of the organizations applications and infrastructure”

Network Monitoring

“It is imperative to monitor and be vigilant regarding the nature of the organizations network traffic. Softthink engineers consolidate data from disparate sources, analyze and create valuable dashboards, helping agencies keep control over key decisions that impact the business”

Breach Detection

“Experienced and vigilant security engineers and analysts are geared to spot anomalous activities and help detect a security breach early and deploy appropriate countermeasures”

Vulnerability Management

“Companies must invest in understanding and creating a response playbook that will help them respond to vulnerabilities better. Softthink can help eliminate network blind spots with heightened levels of visibility and quick response”

Cybersecurity Solutions

Application Security

“From enabling employees remote access your network securely to ensuring that all applications are functioning as intended, Softthink offers companies total confidence to conduct business operations to their full potential”

Cloud Security

“Softthink engineers are making migrating to the cloud and cloud security solutions seamless and relatively simple”

Data Security

“Data is at the heart of any organization and it is important to be able to keep this safe in a shifting security landscape. Softthink brings considerable expertise to the field to help achieve this”

Fraud Protection

“Companies should be equipped to take on issues pertaining to fraud, integrity and confidentiality head on. Softthink helps agencies achieve that with confidence”

Identity & Access Management

“Identity and access management of the organization is best handled by experienced Softthink security professionals”

Security Analytics

“From creating security reports and metrics from data gathered from multiple sources to developing dashboards, Softthink analysts are able to guide clients to make the right security decisions backed by data, analysis and reporting”

Endpoint Protection

“Softthink is able to deliver enhanced endpoint security that amalgamates the best features of preventative protection with enhanced continuous detection and response capabilities and products”

Governance, Risk & Compliance

“A little less than half of the CEOs believe their organizations risk posture is effective and they are fully on top of required benchmarks. Companies can vastly improve their GRC realm”

IoT Security

“With an exponentially increasing number of Internet of Things devices, the need to protect and safeguard these components is very crucial. Softthink can aid in this process”

Security Education & Training

“Effort and investments made in educating and training employees can prove to be as crucial as investing in infrastructure, enabling employees to master this burgeoning security risk”

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

“Innovations in new technology help improve the quality and time of incident response. AI & ML improve ability to detect zero-day threats and other such concerns”


“With the increasing popularity and use of Chatbots, it is important to make them secure applications and ensure they are not weaponized to act in a malignant way”

Managed Cybersecurity Solutions

Cloud Security

“From timely and seamless migrating to the cloud from traditional infrastructure to securing this environment, Softthinks professional cloud security solutions have been widely adopted”

ISSO Services

“Remain stress free by availing reliable Information System Security Officers (ISSO) to develop the organizations security posture”

Security Operations Center

“Softthink engineers are geared to build and manage a SOC helping monitor and remediate cyber threats in real time round the clock”

Data Protection

“From identifying and safeguarding the company’s crown jewels, Softthink enables organizations to adopt a data-centric approach to protecting data”

Virtual CISO

“Cyber risks are raising by the day, and a virtual CISO can help guide the organization to mitigate such risks remotely”

Endpoint Security

“Protect organization endpoints with multilayered security solutions including encryption, antivirus and DLP measures”

Security Architecture & Implementation

“An effective security game plan designed and implemented by seasoned architects and engineers might just be the difference between organization success or failure”

Network Security

“Give your organization the assurance of success in a competitive business landscape with security assurance with a managed security service that addresses essential network defense tasks”

Enterprise Incident Management

“Deploy solutions that polarizes the organization to be prepared and take action cohesively against security infractions and breaches”

Cybersecurity Solutions – Federal

Federal Government Security Solutions

“Helping federal clients secure sensitive information, enhance application and network security, explore cloud solutions and remain compliant at all times”

Cloud Security – Federal

‘Explore how Softthink helps federal government agencies adopt the cloud with seamless migration, while achieving improved security, availability and regulatory compliance requirements”

Security Partners


“Harness the power of the biggest and most widely adopted Cloud Service Provider”


“Improve business with the scale and capabilities of a technology innovator”

Microsoft Azure

“Build business blocks with confidence when Microsoft is on your team”


“Threat mitigation and SIEM tools from a reputed security innovator”


“Manage networks, and monitor servers, applications and databases with improved accuracy and efficiency”


“Security derived with advanced IT Management products, identity and access solutions”

Security Resource Center

Cybersecurity News

‘Be in the know of what is happening in the world of cybersecurity to keep your awareness on the subject high”

Cybersecurity Insights / Innovations

“Stay ahead of the security curve by being in the know of the latest security trends in the industry”

Security Blog

“When Softthink’s experienced professionals get very passionate about security, they blog”

Brochures (Download MS Word/PDF)

“Download service details, product information and capability statements for easy dissemination”


“Dive deeper into security verticals for a greater understanding of what capabilities these security components hold”

Use Cases

Cyber Security


Cybersecurity is the practice of protecting systems, networks, and programs from digital attacks. These cyberattacks are usually aimed at accessing, changing, or destroying sensitive information; extorting money from users; or interrupting normal business processes.

Implementing effective cybersecurity measures is particularly challenging today because there are more devices than people, and attackers are becoming more innovative.

Cyber Security

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