Enable your IT teams to deliver applications at the pace of business with our comprehensive DevOps Services for on-premise or cloud deployments.

Organizations consistently attempt to reinvent themselves and try to transform themselves into highly-performing companies to stay competitive and be profitable. However, conducting business in a traditional manner, yet expecting a different outcome, is unrealistic. Organizations must harness these emerging technologies and effectively deploy them to realize their tremendous potential to bring about this transformation.

DevOps is a flexible, agile-based collaborative effort between development and IT operations enabling quick deployment of planned tasks, without losing stability, reliability and security. STSI has the capability to bring this technological potential to fruition for both large and small organizations, across every type of industry. This enables STSI to significantly shorten feedback inputs, and bring development closer to the customer experience, consistently meeting client expectations.


At STSI, our DevOps solutions are tailored to remove bottlenecks that arise out of traditional modes of IT services delivery. Our agile-based software-driven model adopts an approach that emphasizes collaboration, integration and automation, and enables transparent communication between departments, making solution development very efficient. Our DevOps solutions plug the gaps that exist between software development, quality assurance and IT operations that greatly improve operational performance. Our skilled and disciplined team of certified DevOps professionals are focused on leveraging this technology for organizational success. Our solutions delivery model is priced competitively and can be made available with either on-site or off-site engineers, along with constant on-demand call desk and technical support.

DevOps Capabilities

Our comprehensive capabilities provide dependable solutions in key areas of DevOps which include:

DevOps Assessment and Roadmap

Benefit from our suite of application-based services and customised solutions.

Collaborative Approach

Fosters a culture of partnership, using best practices and features from both development and operations to refine IT products and services.

Lean Teams

Systems thinking enables continuous delivery pipeline enabling fast value delivery, higher productivity, and application security.

Application Development

Improved communication between developers, network engineers, database administrators and others vital for assured application developmental accuracy.

Application Life-cycle Management

Collaborative approach, enhanced by improved communication and Agile best-practices makes for efficient application management.

Easy Automation

DevOps increases opportunities for manual processes to be quickly automated saving time and IT cost.

Quick Turnaround Time to Market

Agile methodology hastens applications and web services to be developed, updated and deployed exponentially faster to realize ROI.

Technical Support

Our service team of experienced and certified engineers provide real-time technical support.

Use Cases

DevOps Services

Accomplishing DevOps support at an organizational level counts on a combination of 4 important services: Advisory services, integration and migration, staffing, and end-to-end support. Our main mission is to boost the capability and quality of software development, monitoring, support, and testing. Our team of professionals uses templates to support your organization to identify the right solution tools. Cloud mojo encourages your team to adopt a DevOps strategy that suits your organization perfectly.

DevOps Services

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