Our successful implementation experience will harness the power of ERP applications to manage core business functions and enhance your competitive prowess. 

Staying competitive in the ever-changing business landscape while trying to keep operational costs low can prove to be challenging. There is an increasing need to bridge the gap between business processes and people to ensure business objectives are met. Companies are not able to leverage the full potential of their existing data, and are often spread over disparate geographies. Moving to a new technological solution to address some of these inherent problems can take considerable time, effort and financial resources.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems can offer solutions that address many of these concerns, and, due to our system’s flexibility, creates a powerful business tool. STSI’s experience and technological capability is uniquely positioned to offer seamless ERP system implementation and integration services. Our certified engineers will work with you to integrate various business processes across functions, offer synchronized reporting, automate processes, simplify compliance requirements, improve employee collaboration and perform data analytics.



Our ERP Systems solution integrates seamlessly with your existing IT and business environment to provide a flexible and dynamic solution that is best suited to enhance your business’s operational efficiency. STSI solutions are engineered to significantly reduce IT costs, eliminate errors, improve efficiency and bring about a well-integrated employee, data, technological and organizational structure. STSI helps you unleash the full potential of what your data can do in your decision-making process. Solutions drawn from a resource pool of skilled and certified engineers, made available either on-site or off-site, who are capable of offering continuous monitoring, reliable technical support with a quick response time, proves that STSI is a good business investment.



Our comprehensive capabilities provide dependable solutions in key areas of ERP Systems which include:

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