Our project management expertise will empower, lead & enable your projects to adapt to shifting priorities, balance workloads and collaborate across teams.  

Everywhere you look these days, every company, be they software developers or toy manufacturers, is talking about ‘doing Agile’. Clients demand it because they want to see immediate results, instead of waiting for months for a finished product, and they want to be part of the process of development, to make sure what is delivered is what they want.

At STSI, we don’t ‘do’ Agile. We are Agile. Agile Development philosophies are at the core of how we do business, not just a model we adopt for a project instead of Waterfall. High-velocity development, rapid reallocation of resources, and constant communication from team to client to management are just how we function as a company. As a client, you can count on STSI to maintain constant communication and be able to immediately respond to your changing business needs, mid-project, with new solutions to address new challenges and new ideas.

STSI also has skilled coaches who can teach your team how to be Agile, regardless of the nature of your business. Our SCRUM Masters will work with your company at all levels, from management to frontline, to help you reorganize into a highly effective, well-oiled machine, focused on production and delivery at maximum efficiency and pace, resulting in substantial savings in cost and time.



Our team of certified Agile solutions experts have honed their project management skills by successfully implementing several projects for well-known clients. We are equipped to deliver Agile solutions for companies of any size―from start-ups to much larger firms with multiple projects spread over several locations. At Softthink, we do not attempt to implement a one-size-fits-all solution, but instead, we tailor our solutions to best suit your needs. STSI practitioners are ready to be deployed either on-site or off-site and will be able to match your expectations with our commitment, flexibility and delivery model, allowing you to achieve a rapid ROI on your IT investments.



Our comprehensive capabilities provide dependable guidance in all key areas of Agile Development which include:

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